He's Here!

Our perfect little Caleb arrived on February 20th. Today he's a week old, and looking at these photos makes me a little teary because he's already grown so much already. (<--I used to think it was weird when other moms said things like this, but now I totally understand.)

There were many moments throughout my pregnancy when I wished that the timing had been different--when I was suffering through morning sickness and exhaustion while studying for the bar, terrified that I wouldn't pass; when I had to tell my employer a month into my new job that I was four months pregnant; when we lost out on our second offer on a house and our temporary housing situation was less than ideal--but now I can see how little any of that mattered. It was never about my timing anyway.  Now everyday I look at him, unbelievably happy despite my sleep deprived state, and think, 
it was you, all along,
all along, it was you. 


  1. So many congratulations! He is beautiful!

  2. I love all these looks!!!That outfit is fantastic and the colors look great and lovely baby.
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  3. My heartiest congratulations to you and your husband on welcoming your beautiful boy. A lot of times things don’t go as planned but it in the end everything works out even better than what we hoped for.

  4. Yeah... So true. Becoming a parent is blessing and no other happiness can replace it. Even you forget your problems when you hold your baby in your arms.


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