Happy 2017!

Happy 2017, friends!

I did not intend to entirely neglect this space for two and half months, but such is life.  Between long work hours, moving into a new house, and trying to prepare for baby, I have been doing well to just feed myself decent meals, let alone make new dishes to share with you.

However, I have been cooking a bit more in recent weeks.  Soup weather is fully upon us, so I've made a variation on this kale and potato soup, my mom's best ever turkey chili, moroccan chickpea stew, and an easy ham and white bean soup with leftover Christmas ham.  Christmas morning, I made Smitten Kitchen's cranberry-orange breakfast buns (shown above), and they were amazing. I highly, highly recommend that you try them.

Adam and I escaped to Asheville this weekend for a last hoorah before baby R comes in February.  It was a much needed get away.  We ate tapas, listened to music at our favorite wine bar, and drank hot chocolate (salted maple and pistachio rose cardamon shown above).

I am still in disbelief that Baby R will be arriving in 6ish weeks.  I've been experiencing such a mixture of emotions---extremely grateful that we have made it thus far and that baby seems healthy, discouraged about how large I feel and how uncomfortable I am when sitting or standing for any period of time, fearful about giving birth, anxious about getting everything ready in time, and worried about recovery, taking care of a baby, and going back to work after maternity leave.   Most of all though, I can't wait to see our baby's face for the first time and kiss his or her little cheeks. I cry every time I think about it.  Actually, I cry a lot these days about a variety of things.  Poor Adam. 

(Don't mind the hair)

I'm not sure how this space will evolve over the next year, but as I always, I am so grateful to you for reading and sharing and cooking. 

I didn't post as many recipes in 2016 as I have in years past, but here are some of my favorites: 

Wishing you a new year filled with tacos and friends and maybe some of those cranberry orange breakfast buns.....



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