Life Lately

Hi friends--Life has been busy, and I have not been able to get myself together enough to make and photograph a recipe.  So, here are some tidbits about my life lately and inspiration from the internet for your Sunday.

Making: mac and cheese and cornbread from this Southern cookbook.

Drinking: water with lemon slices.

Reading: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.

Wanting: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Watching: The Mindy Project, Jane the Virgin, and Downton Abbey.

Listening: to so many podcasts. My favorites are Marriage is Funny, The Lively Show, and One Part Plant.  Lately I've started listening to the Robcast.  I also really liked this interview with Seth Godin on the Tim Ferris Show.

Eating: salads with roasted sweet potatoes, guacamole and black beans; yogurt bowls with berries
and granola; baked oatmeal with almond butter (always).

Enjoying: re-watching all the Harry Potter movies with Adam. So good.

Loving: All the "Let it be Sunday" posts from Joy the Baker.

Hoping: for warm Spring weather!

Needing: to write a 30-page paper for class (welp!).

Feeling: grateful for so many things.

Wearing: the same clothes as always--I haven't been clothes shopping in forever. I did rent a dress for Barrister's Ball from Rent the Runway, and I had a really good experience. I may rent dresses again for weddings this spring and summer.

Dreaming: about post-bar exam vacation plans. Any recommendations?

Bookmarking: This post and video on how to make really good homemade pizza and this beautiful forbidden rice breakfast porridge.

I hope you have a lovely week and find something new to be grateful for!


  1. Rent the Runway is fantastic! I rented dresses for my bachelorette party, my rehearsal dinner, and for another bachelorette party and wedding! I highly recommend :)

  2. I think renting a beautiful dress is a brilliant idea. I love that you've given yourself permission to be human and enjoying life. I see so many bloggers write that they feel guilty that they haven't posted an over the top recipe in x number of days. For me, blogging is about being real and you are! Good luck with the exam.

  3. This is the second time this week someone has mentioned Robcast - I need to check it out!

    I thought about doing rent the runway for a ball we had to go to a few weeks back - I ended up just wearing something a little less formal than I should have that I owned haha But I need to do that in the future!!

  4. Great, great way to go - this is a great news.


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