Holiday Weekend in D.C.

Hi friends.  Despite the fact that I'm done with law school for the semester (!!!) life has been complicated and busy, and I haven't had time to make anything for you in the kitchen. 

However, I just returned from a weekend trip to D.C., so I thought I'd share a few pictures of my foodie adventures with you. 

One highlight of the trip was getting to visit the Momofuku Milk Bar. I've been wanting to try this trendy New York City bakery for several years after learning about master chef Christina Tosi.  Her recipes are unique and inventive and I love supporting women in male-domainted careers. 

The D.C. Milk Bar opened late this summer a few weeks after I left the city, and I was bummed to have missed it.  

Therefore, I was super excited to get to experience Milk Bar on this trip. I bought one of each variety of cookie, some birthday cake truffles, and this cereal milk soft serve. So good!

I've also heard amazing things about Christina's crack pie recipe.

On Saturday night, my friend Tori and I went to a holiday gala at the French embassy, where I drank too much champagne and beamed when a cute french man with mustache called me "Mademoiselle."

We also sampled some elegant French pastries....(the macaroon was my favorite)

Over the course of the weekend, we saw ice sculptures, the national Christmas tree, and a random assortment of people in santa costumes for SantaCon.

Finally, we met the former Whitehouse pastry chef and saw the Whitehouse Gingerbread.

I was amazed to learn that the secret to holding all that gingerbread together is tempered chocolate that is applied like paint to the back of each piece. It works like glue and keeps the gingerbread from drying out or folding in the humidity!

I hope you have a festive, fun-filled week. 10 days until Christmas!


  1. I had no idea they opened a milk bar in DC! Then again, we haven't been back since we moved! haha What a fun weekend trip! We hope to make it up there sometime over the new few months .. we'll see! Happy happy holidays!

  2. Love these photos - and OMG that gingerbread house, how cool is that? I hope you have a fantastic winter holiday, and yay for completing another semester of law school!

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