What to eat in Asheville

Adam and I escaped to Asheville this weekend and ate so much good food. I need to tell you about it!

The week leading up to our weekend away turned out to be CRAZY for both of us. Adam had a 6 hour flight delay coming home from New York on Thursday night and didn't get home until 3:00am. I flew to D.C. early Friday morning for an interview and was supposed to fly back early that evening.  My flight home Friday afternoon was delayed, and I ended up missing my connecting flight home.

I shed a few tears in the airport after some airline employees were rude to me while trying to reschedule a flight home, and I began to consider canceling the trip.  I knew that I would get home  late that night, and--as always--I had lots of school work to do.

But, then I realized that I was tired of law school and job stress stealing all the joy out of my life.  Life is too short and too beautiful not to do things that make us happy.

We were exhausted by the time we arrived in Asheville late Friday night, but we had the best weekend.  We ate good food, watched a glass blowing demonstration, browsed book stores, drank wine, listened to live bluegrass music, drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and breathed in lots of cool mountain air.

We ate at casual restaurants the whole weekend, but we ate really well.  Here are a few of our favorite spots from this most recent trip and trips past:


Vortex Doughnuts 
What to try: Everything! They have both yeasted and cake doughnuts, as well as some vegan options

What to try: Sweet potato pancakes, biscuits, grits


What to try: any of the Mexican-Caribbean dishes

White Duck Taco Shop
What to try: fish, bangkok shrimp, mole roasted duck, BBQ carnitas

Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria
What to try: all the great beer on tap, meat lover's pizza, vegetarian pizza

Doc Chey's Noodle House
What to try: dumplings, pho, pad thai


French Broad Chocolate Lounge
What to try: Everything!!!!

5 Walnut Wine Bar
What to try:  wine, beer, mead, or cider, boiled peanuts, cheese plate. They have great live music almost every night. Going here was the highlight of the weekend for me!

I know we've still yet to try many of the great eateries that Asheville has to offer.  Please let me know of your favorites!


  1. Asheville has long been on our "to visit" list and now I think it's moved up a little higher!

  2. We loveeeee Asheville! Our favorite lately has been Limones (like cali tex mex)! But there are just wayyy too many delicious places to choose from!