Life & Blog Update: I'm in DC for the Summer!

Hi!  This is another non-recipe post bringing you a little life and blog update. 

I'm in D.C. for the summer! This is me freaking out in front of the Supreme Court. I didn't actually get to go inside, but I've been told that Justice Sotomayor lives in my neighborhood and I am totally determined to meet her and become best friends for life. 

A year ago, I never thought I would be spending my 2L summer in D.C.  I had a PLAN, and that plan involved working at a firm in North Carolina that would provide me a job offer at the end of my 2L summer so that Adam and I could plan our lives accordingly.   After several rejections from firm jobs, I applied for a federal government job in D.C. on a whim.  And I say on a whim, not because I didn't like the job (it's actually kind of my dream combination of law and education) but because I did not want to be away from Adam for the summer or move to a big city. 

But, as you can probably guess, I never got an offer from a law firm in North Carolina. I got an offer from the dream education law internship in D.C.  And, in one of my more terrifying life decisions, I accepted it. 

The planner in me is still mourning the loss of this life PLAN.  It would be really convenient to have the next two years of my life planned out, but I'm trying really hard to remember that there are no guarantees in life--NONE.  My current life mantra is to let go of fear and comparison and to embrace uncertainty and hope. 

As for this blog, I'm not sure what this summer will bring.  My kitchen is minimally equipped and currently under attack by ants. (From what I understand about D.C., I should just be thankful it's not mice?….)

To be honest, this blog is at the bottom of the list of my priorities this summer as I attempt to juggle an internship, journal responsibilities, research for a professor, some intense family stuff, and seeing this scruffy man as much as possible.

As always, thanks so much for your support of the blog. I'll try to be back with a recipe soon!


  1. Your life is incredibly exciting and for those of us who live boring, mundane lives - it's wonderful to see your joy at what's gonna happen next! :)

  2. Enjoy your summer in DC!! We lived there for 7 years before moving here to NC! It's a fun place :) I'm such a planner and I have to remind myself constantly that things don't always work out the way we want them to, but there's always a reason!

  3. So exciting!! I'm a fan of the mantra that whatever happens, it's for the best and I definitely believe that with this internship for you!

  4. Ahhh this is such a cute post, and I love the pictures! Can't wait to hear how it all goes, hope you have an amazing summer :)

  5. Congratulations!! What an exciting adventure and wonderful opportunity!

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