Bridal Shower Bites

Why have funfetti cake when you can have funfetti dip?  Strawberries, animal crackers, each and every one of your fingers--all of these are infinitely improved by the addition of spreadable funfetti goodness. 

This weekend we threw a bridal shower for my friend Anna, and I was in charge of the food. I've been scheming over recipes for a while now. She's always been a huge fan of funfetti cake, so when I saw this recipe, I knew I needed to recreate it.  It's one box of funfetti cake mix, one cup of Lite Cool Whip, and two cups of plain non-fat yogurt. It's healthy, but it tastes like icing!

Throughout this process, I have also formed a newfound obsession with animal crackers. They're so cute!

Anyway, I was still unsure about a main course when I remembered Anna's fondness for biscuits and gravy and these two posts. So, I created a biscuit bar. 

I also made these mac and cheese bites, which were a HUGE hit. 

Anna and I lived with two other friends, Catherine and Katrina, our junior and senior year of college.  The four of us became one unit and started referring to ourselves as PACK (Patricia, Anna, Catherine and Katrina) They are some of my favorite people in the whole world. Each of our separate friendships is important, but there's something magical that happens when all four of us our together. Kind of like this book.    

Anna's wedding is in two months, and both Catherine and Katrina got engaged recently too, so we have a LOT of wedding festivities to look forward to.  All of this excitement has led me to reflect on my own experience. I enjoyed being engaged. I enjoyed all the parties/excuses to see my far-away best friends, the creativity of wedding planning and the committed-to-each-other-forever-but-without-responsibility part of my and Adam's relationship.

But after all the fun and fuss of wedding stuff is over, I can honestly say I enjoy being married more.  And not because it's perfect or pretty or planned, but because it's real.

Last week I came home from work and I was exhausted. Ex  haus  ted. (Let me preface this by also saying that I am needy and cuddly like a small child.)  I had planned to go to the gym and check my email, and do some work. Instead, I laid next to Adam on the couch and found the small groove on his chest where my head fits. Within about two minutes, I fell asleep. He let me sleep there for a long time.  Past the time when his arm and leg fell asleep. Past the time when my drool had soaked a large spot on his shirt.  Past the time when I looked in any way cute or attractive.  Friends, this is not romance, but it is love. I'm so blessed to have it, and so happy for my friends to have it too.

Bridal Shower Bites

Biscuit Bar with strawberry & peach jam, honey, and sausage gravy
Funfetti cake dip with animal crackers
Veggie Tray
Strawberries & Blueberries

Regular Mimosas (orange juice + champagne)
Peach Bellini's (frozen peaches + sugar + lemon juice + champagne)

I didn't make any major alterations to these recipes, so I just posted the links.

For the funfetti dip, the recipe recommends letting it chill for 4 hours. I would recommend at least 8.  In the first few hours, there is a lingering acidic aftertaste, but that dissipates with added time in the fridge.

For the mac and cheese bites, I used whole wheat pasta and whole wheat Ritz crackers.


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